Studio Sale – Sketches and watercolours

I have run out of space, and am planning to move again soon, so I and am selling some of my older work to make room for new stuff. Some of it is actually quite recent, that is, painted during 2010 and 2011.

I am selling drawings, small watercolour sketches, oil sketches, works on paper and also a few oils on canvas, all at bargain prices. Now is your chance to buy an original artwork for the price of a reproduction or print.

All the work, including all works on paper, are sold unmounted and unframed, keeping cost of work and cost of posting down and allowing you to make your own framing choice. All measurements are approximate and refer to the actual painted image not the size of the paper. Some of them have irregular edges – all part of the charm! Click on any image to open gallery slideshow…

Also find me on South London Women Artists

To buy any item please email me at giving the title (and other details so there is no confusion). Unfortunately I can’t do PayPal on this site, so if you send a cheque I will mail the item, and won’t cash the cheque until I have confirmation it has arrived safely.


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